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The Dead are not as Dangerous as the Living

Posted : 10 years, 1 month ago on 10 February 2013 03:34 (A review of Deadlight)

2.5D games have been recently making their way into the gaming landscape and Deadlight puts a zombie/post-apocalypse twist in an attempt to put itself apart from the rest. With Amazon having a great deal a little while ago I just couldn't pass up the chance to try it out.

Set in 1986 Seattle after a global event that plunged the world into chaos and destroyed most of life on earth. Playing as Randall Wayne, a man looking for his friends and family and bring them to safety, the player must avoid the Shadows, a zombie like foe that plagues the game, and also battle the living that are trying to survive as well.
Deadlight has a dark story but borrows heavily from major zombie movies that one can almost guess it while playing and really is hard to feel compelled to finish the game. The cinematic scenes are really the only thing that kept me going as it's motion graphics was like Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel which were quite interesting.
The game is also dark to give the feel of dread with the graphics being styled with grit and the gameplay limiting the player with either limited resources or nothing but to have the player run for safety. The only problem is that sometimes the game put the player in tough situations that cause more frustration than enjoyment with Shadows swarming before the player can do anything or being unable to do basic platforming to get away.
The sounds and FX are basic suspenseful tracks and zombie moans but the most annoying thing is the cinematic scenes are not adjustable and blasted out my speakers with little warning.

I love the post-apocalypse settings and was very interested in Deadlight when I heard about it but after hearing that it wasn't that great of a game I hesitated. And after playing, the review were not unfounded and Deadlight should only be bought by post-apocalypse fans and only when on sale.

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I'm a Doctor, Not a Butcher.

Posted : 10 years, 2 months ago on 25 January 2013 03:03 (A review of A Young Doctor's Notebook & Other Stories)

BBC always seem to make great shows that only last a handful of episodes and A Young Doctor's Notebook is one of those shows.

Based on a collection of short stories by Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov, the show revolves around a Russian doctor looking back on his past. The first episode starts out in the doctor's office in 1934 with the doctor reading an old notebook from when he was starting as a doctor in a remote Russian village in 1917 while a couple state officers rummaging through his office belongings.
The rest of the show is set mainly in 1917 with the young doctor dealing with country patients and growing as a doctor with flash forwards to 1934 and the young doctor interacting with his older self.

Jon Hamm is great in his role as the older doctor with his normal no nonsense stature but wise as a whole and Daniel Radcliffe is really proving his not just Harry Potter but a true actor. All the other actors in the show give life to these short episodes that truly rounds out the story and make it almost real.

Like lots of BBC shows that have short life spans A Young Doctor's Notebook ends with a bittersweet ending but is so complete that I was left wanting more but also feeling it didn't need more.

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Frozen to Sleep

Posted : 11 years, 6 months ago on 22 September 2011 06:57 (A review of Frozen)

Yes, some college kids are dumb but Frozen portrayal is just overboard in my opinion.

Frozen is starts with three friends waiting for their favorite ski lift operator but are soon disappointed and have to bribe their way on to the left.
Later in the day they try for one last run before leaving and in doing so seal their fate when their left is shutdown before they get to the top.

Since the majority of the movie takes place in one place the primary factor of the film is the acting and that is where is fails. The actors are cast well since they're young but because of their inexperience their acting is average at best and lead to a less suspenseful viewing.
The music is par for a teen thriller and some times seem a little forced with the mix of dramatic and sympathetic music.

Frozen isn't the worst thriller ever but not the best. I would only suggest watching with friends and trying to MS3K it while watching.

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Rambo... Going Home

Posted : 11 years, 8 months ago on 25 July 2011 12:31 (A review of Rambo: First Blood Part II)

Rambo II is a love hate movie. Some hate people it and some people love it. I'm part of the latter and personally consider it one of my top 10 best action movies.

Rambo: First Blood Part II starts a little after First Blood ends where John Rambo is incarcerated to hard labor were Col. Trautman comes to offer Rambo a mission to gain a pardon and help close a door of his past.
Rambo returns to Vietnam to scout out a former POW camp to capture photos of POWs that Rambo's superiors don't believe exist. Little does Rambo and his superiors the camp isn't empty but full of long forgotten United States soldiers and Rambo goes all out to save them.
Casting is actually quite good even with Stallone's acting. All the actors fit well to their characters and all of them are believable even with Rambo's larger than life persona.
Visual FX are excellent as the movie is pre-CGI everything that is now a days and so the explosions and fire effects are very believable.
Soundtrack is instrumental and only has one 80's song at the end which is one of the only bad part of the movie.

I know some think it's cheesy 80's over the top action movie but I enjoy it immensely and consider it the epitome of the 80's action movie.

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Metal Revolution's Real Story

Posted : 11 years, 8 months ago on 25 July 2011 09:52 (A review of Get Thrashed (2006))

Most people think that metal in the 80's was Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P., White Snake, etc. but anyone that listened to metal then and now know that they were the posers and bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax were at the forefront and truly pushed the genre.

Hearing from band members, record labels, historians, and authors Get Thrashed goes from Los Angeles to San Francisco then New York and finally Europe covering all the major band at the time that were hard, fast, loud, and pushing the definition of Thrash Metal.
Editing is simple and easy to follow with little confusion on where and who the pundits are referring to and getting a complete summary of the region and style of the area.
Sound is excellent for metal heads like myself because it's metal of the time and bands in the documentary.

Get Thrashed is a great documentary for any metal head and even for people that just like documentaries.

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I Wouldn't Want These Bosses or Movie

Posted : 11 years, 8 months ago on 25 July 2011 09:06 (A review of Horrible Bosses)

I saw the trailer for Horrible Bosses at the showing for Green Lantern and saw that Jason Bateman was in it and it seemed to be fairly funny and was wanting to see it but after watching it I don't know why I thought that.

Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis play three friends that good jobs with absolutely horrible people for bosses. One day they all decide that maybe they should kill their bosses to make their lives better and go for a Strangers on a Train plan to have all of them kill each others bosses so they can't link the murders to each other.
"Hilarity" ensues as they all try to carry out their plans but of course fail.
Casting is okay with Jason Bateman, Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Foxx, Donald Sutherland, and Colin Farrell but none of their abilities come out and really is a waste of talent.
As for being a comedy this really fails as most are sex and poop jokes and even they aren't funny like similar comedy that have come out recently.

In the end Horrible Bosses is a craptacular comedy that is waste of time.

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Fraking Fudge Packing Motherfarkers

Posted : 11 years, 8 months ago on 25 July 2011 08:49 (A review of Fuck)

I'm one for uncensoring everything because I believe the 1st Amendment is a human right that should be upheld to any cost but Fuck never convinces me, or let alone anyone else, on how to use a rational argument for uncensoring.

A good political/social commentary documentaries to me picks out a argument and shows the points and counter points and try to inform the viewer and have them make up their own mind. Unfortunately Fuck never does this. Fuck basically jumps from one unconnected topic to another without any cohesion or thought.

There are very little amount of political/social commentary documentaries that do a good job showing facts and letting the viewer choose what they think is right and Fuck is one of those that fails horribly and should not be watched.

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Masks are for Racoons and Thieves Only

Posted : 11 years, 10 months ago on 2 June 2011 01:11 (A review of The Sly Collection)

Having never finished the second game in the series back when the games first came out in 2002 I was interested in playing them when I heard Sony was making a HD remake. And it was a fun play through.

The game series stars Sly Cooper and his band of thieves as they go from place to place in attempts to steal certain objects and foil master plots from a score of bad guys.
The first game, Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, follows the team in finding the missing pages of the Thievius Raccoonus which holds the family thieving secrets of the Cooper clan and by doing so stopping the plan of the evil Clockwerk, a mechanical owl, from killing Sly and taking over the world.
Sly 2: Band of Thieves, the second in the series, follows the group in finding and destroying the recovered mechanical part of Clockwerk.
Game three, Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, has the crew recruiting the help of others to help stop Doctor M, a evil genius monkey, from opening the Cooper Vault and stealing the family's treasures that have been accumulated over the years.

One of the main draws to the collection is its high definition update to the visuals. When the games were first released the graphics were considered very stylized due to the cell shading and with the update those graphics are really bought out and looks great.
The game is completely voice acted and while the writing can be cheesy most of the voice actors are well done and cartoon like exaggerated to give humor.
The controls back when the games came out were considered one of the best in the industry and while most of the time the controls are responsive and spot on there are some times where the controls can be frustrating when missing a jump or going in to wrong direction for no good reason but it's fairly uncommon.

Anyone that never got a chance to go through the games or a big fan of the games should have a good time playing the games and reminiscing on old school PS2 gaming.

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*swoosh in* BOOM!

Posted : 11 years, 10 months ago on 25 May 2011 09:32 (A review of Backdraft)

Every young boy going up has a fantasy of becoming astronauts, firefighters, police officers, Olympic athletes, etc.
I personally wanted to be an astronaut but fireman was a close second and when I first saw Backdraft I was completely enamored. And even after growing up and picking a better and more interesting career path I still find Backdraft an excellent movie and brings back great memories.

William Baldwin plays Brian McCaffrey who as a young boy sees his veteran firefighter die in an fire and who later follows in his father's and older brother Stephen McCaffrey's, played by Kurt Russell, foot steps and becomes a firefighter himself.
Brian is pushed hard by his brother while in his fire house to the point that he takes up the offer of a local politicians to help Robert De Niro's character Donald Rimgale find out the cause of a string of related fires but falls into a conspiracy that shakes his world and the fire department.

William Baldwin portrayal is not very exceptional in the film but Russell, De Niro, and Scott Glenn's performances more than makes up for it that they all feel to be veteran firefighters.
Being made in 1991 the music has some remnants of 80's but is almost completely overshadowed by Hans Zimmer's Fighting 17th which is iconic to the movie and later used as the theme music for the Japanese show Iron Chef.
The icing on the whole entertaining cake is the visual effects. While some of the effects were made in post-production for scenes that were too hard or too dangerous some of the flames were real with the help of rubber cement and mechanical ingenuity using multiple flammable substances that gave the film an almost real feeling of fires out of control.

Even after 20 years after its initial release (crap, I feel old) Backdraft is a wonderful film that still visually stands out to modern films and is a personal favorite that brings back my childhood.

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До свидания

Posted : 11 years, 10 months ago on 25 May 2011 08:19 (A review of Eastern Promises)

I watched the movie back when it was just coming out but didn't like it too much because I was a little confused to what I was going on but I blame myself because I probable wasn't paying attention. After watching it again, I shouldn't been such a idiot because it was a excellent movie.

Naomi Watts plays Anna Khitrova, a British midwife, who comes across a diary from a girl who dies in childbirth. Trying to get the diary translated to find any relatives for the baby, Anna finds her way to a Russian restaurant that is run by one of the London's Russian mafia bosses and gets in deep trouble as she finds out what the diary entails.
On the other side of the story is Nikolai Luzhin, played by Viggo Mortensen, who is the mafia family's driver and "cleaner" and is wanting to get into the family's more devious business. When Nikolai meets Anna he tries to keep her and the baby safe while trying to keep his true intentions secret from the family.

Viggo Mortensen's role as Nikolai is a sigh to behold. I mean if it weren't for his other roles in films I would have sworn that Mortensen was Russian and a former Russian mobster.
Everyone else on the cast plays their characters wonderfully except for maybe Vincent Cassel but that might be because I know he's French and can't get pass that.
I'm a fan of traditional music from other countries including Russia and some of those are present in the film which give the soundtrack some character as the rest of the film is pretty standard symphonic music that compliments the senses well but aren't truly memorable outside of the movie.

David Cronenberg's films are pretty hit or miss for me but Eastern Promises will always be one of his best films and Mortensen's portrayal will stick with me for a long time.

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